An Ocean A Mountain

An ocean of grief

For All beings.

Too deep to reach the bottom.

A mountain of sorrow.

Too tall to climb atop.

Each day an exhausting journey.

Maybe I should stop seeking a destination?

An endpoint.

And instead,






Without hope or anticipation

of touching bottom, or reaching top.

Without seeking beginning nor end.

Without passing through

in the hopes of getting to the other side.

Maybe it’s never over.

But the joy is deep and infinite too.

And the ocean is also it.

And the rocks as well.

And so I climb.




Without Reservation.


Art is Healing- a Haiku Poem in 8 Chapters

Part 1

Chapter 1  - The Artist Creates

Art tenderizes.

The artist takes notice of

matters of the heart.


Life explodes everywhere.

The power of each moment

No longer mundane.


An artist reveals

the treasures. Touches deeply

what's closed off inside.


Chapter 2- Power Seekers Take

Our minds colonized:

Art now for professionals

Noticing, a luxury.


Art is for everyone

Noticing, a birthright

Picked from our pocket.


Space to appreciate

Wonder, marvel, and delight

in everyday's pleasure.


Chapter 3-  Distanced From Ourselves 

Instead we grind on.

Hoping to relax later.

Consume instead of create.


Don't share collectively.

Don't know your joy and power.

Leave it to the pros.


Art becomes a job.

The masses stay consumers

distanced from our hearts.


Part 2

Chapter 4-  Distanced From Eachother

Only a brave few.

Now dependent on patrons

We are separated.


We judge and critique.

Consume instead of create.

Forget how to play.


Maybe artist gets caught

in the web of survival.

Art becomes the grind.


Chapter 5- Homecoming Becomes The Path

Oh! The sad heartbreak

of the artist who must choose.

No longer a passion.


Some find a way through.

Energy spent to return home.

The journey is rough.


We watch from a distance.

The numb love a good drama.

We consume the tragedy.


Chapter 6- We Must Reconnect

Everything you seek

is right there inside of you.

Look in to break out.


So much life in there.

Waiting to be discovered.

Now reconnected.


Time slows and expands.

A feast of sensation here.

No longer starving.


Chapter 7- A Balm to Heal Wounds

Slowed down you notice.

Take time to look around you.

Feel the joy and pain.


Share vulnerably.

Inhale. Exhale. Express.

Celebrate together.


Art, art is healing.

As powerful as the doctor

Your own medicine.


Chapter 8- Community Expression

Art is for everyone.

You don't have to be good enough.

Reclaim your own health.


Share in community.

Treasure being together.

In joy and in pain.


Reclaim collective power 

Decolonize yourself.

Slow down and be healed.


Epilogue - As One We Are Free