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I'm a long-time educator, Reiki Master and meditation practitioner and I also help artists, educators and healers operationalize themselves and tell their story.

Background of All The Things: I have been teaching and practicing meditation, yoga, and Reiki for nearly a quarter century. I co-founded, then directed, The Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia from 1999-2014, co-founded Penn Medicine’s Reiki Program at The Abramson Cancer Center and I’ve also taught preschool, 1st and 2nd grades, and yoga/mindfulness for preschoolers and educators. I strive to create a learning environment that thrives in the intersection of art, music, play, movement, community building, self-cultivation, and social justice. I spend time traveling, singing, making art, being with friends and family, spending time in nature, and deconstructing internalized white supremacist, patriarchal and heteronormative beliefs that perpetuate harm. My mindfulness practice is rooted in Zen in the tradition of Zen Master/peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s also informed by a long background in Transcendental Meditation and Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism. I currently serve as the Operations Director for The Lotus Institute, a nonprofit founded by two of Thich Nhat Hanh’s senior, non-monastic dharma teachers dedicated to supporting change-makers on the journey of individual and collective healing, transformation and liberation.

My Reiki sessions are deep.

Like dropping into a deep pond of yourself and your connection to all that is. Healing.

My meditation classes are slow.

Like get-off-your-cell-phone and be present kind of slow. Showing up.

My consulting is relieving.

Like oh-my-god I needed better systems, support and online presence. Thank you.

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